THE BAGS ARE PACKED…The Child Sponsorship letters are sealed and addressed…The team is ready! In less than 24 hours, a team of 4 will be leaving the comforts of their beds, of A/C, of Starbucks, and their families, to travel across the globe to Ghana, Africa and the small remote village of Vea in Upper East Ghana. The team will be working with our OneCommunity Child Sponsorship program as well as the women’s co-op, Vea Collective. Don’t forget to check back here daily, or check the Real Life APP, under “Missions Blog” so you can join our team on their journey to Ghana.

Thank you for your prayers, your support and your encouragement of these 4 women, as they set out to Change the World… One Community at a time. Thank you for your prayers, as they themselves, are forever changed… for good!