Changing our LOCAL communities

Many Thanks to all who have participated in our Austin Back to School efforts, blessing Perez Elementary! As children, many of us, while we didn’t always love the first day of school, we ADORED the school supplies! The NEW backpack, the notebooks, the pencils and oh those new crayons just seemed to color so much better! For many children at Perez Elementary, NEW backpacks are something you see other children carry, but not something you yourself own.

Real Life Austin, you became part of the Change! Together, you purchased and filled 215 Backpacks! Additionally, you have donated: 40 Gallons of Antibacterial Gel; nearly 10,000 ziplock bags; 240 boxes of kleenex; and nearly 200 containers of antibacterial wipes! WHAT A BLESSING YOU ALL ARE!!!

Good morning from Ghana!

Today is our LAST day in the village of Vea, Ghana. What a trip it has been! From 500 children attending VBS, to providing the first hot lunch in two weeks to striking water!!! It has been an incredibly blessed trip. God’s hand has been all over us!

Thank you for all of your prayers, your encouragement and your love. We have felt it! Today will be a hard day as we say “so long for now” to our precious Vea family!