This Valentine’s Day…Daniel needs your love!

Meet Daniel.  Daniel is a typical 9 year old boy.  He loves to run, to play, and most of all he LOVES GHANAIAN FOOTBALL (Soccer)!  Daniel lives in small mud hut with his younger brother and his grandfather, while his mother and father find work on seasonal farms throughout Ghana.  Daniel dreams of playing one day for the Ghana National Football team!  Daniel’s dreams are at risk of never being fulfilled.  Daniel has a medical condition.  He has been experiencing seizures.  Currently the diagnosis unknown.  Daniel is in need of a Child Sponsor.  One Community is in process of ensuring he receives the medical care and treatment he is in need of at the regional teaching hospital, but we need YOU to ensure his medical expenses are covered.  This Valentine’s Day, will you allow room in your heart for Daniel?  To either sponsor Daniel fully or to support through a Partial Sponsorship, please go to: GIVE/SPONSOR A CHILD

This Valentine's Day, open your Heart to Daniel...

This Valentine’s Day, open your Heart to Daniel…

Blessings abound from Vea!

One Community Director, Cyndi Christenson and her team of 3, just returned from a 12 day trip to Ghana.  This trip focussed on our CHILD SPONSORSHIP program in Ghana.  Over the course of 7 days, over 900 updated photographs were taken!  Working with the schools, over 900 children are currently being entered into our SPONSORSHIP database!  We gathered information on their siblings, their parents, their interests, and even their shoe sizes!  Handed out over 700 backpacks to the children in grades 1 – Middle School.  Held hands; gave hugs; sang songs and experienced the true feeling of absolute JOY!   Each week, One Community will highlight a child in need of a sponsor.  Will YOU heed the call?  Will YOU find room in your heart and your life for a child in need?  Will YOU Be The Change in the life of a child?  To sponsor a child, please go to: GIVE/Sponsor a Child

Be the Change you wish to see in the World... Sponsor a Child.

Be the Change you wish to see in the World… Sponsor a Child.