Changing Lives


CHANGING LIVES!  In the rural village of Vea in Upper East Region of Ghana, education is a privilege that far too few families can afford. Once children pass Junior High School, the next level is Senior Secondary, and is optional.  Participation in Senior Secondary means the son or daughter is no longer home to work the crops.  They are no longer home to weave baskets.  They are no longer home to sell goods in the market. Beyond that, the financial burden is too much to bear. Financially, what does this cost?  $500 per year.  Yes.  $500 per year.  Something that sounds so small to most of us in the United States, in incomprehensible to the families of Vea.

HOW DOES SENIOR SECONDARY AFFECT A CHILD’S LIFE IN VEA? Senior Secondary offers these teens a chance to learn a trade.  Even a chance to continue their education in pursuit of university.  Continuing in school means a new life for the student, many of whom wish to return to the village as teachers, nurses and even agricultural engineers.

CHANGING THE TIDE! This year, we started  a scholarship program that we are calling, “Talata’s Child.”  Through the Talata’s Child Sponsorship and Real Life Missions, we are granting dreams of continuing high school to those students who have demonstrated achievement, volunteerism, and a desire to return to their community after school.  This fall we reviewed our first applications and thanks to the gracious support of our Child Sponsors through Talata’s Child, we granted 12 scholarships.  Eleven for senior secondary and one for nursing school.

Congratulations to our first scholarship recipients.  The future is yours… Aim high. Dream big. Shine bright!

Want to know more about child sponsorship? Go to to see how you can change a child’s life for good.