Sunday Worship!


Our Dominican Team is ready for church!  It is Sunday, June 4th and our team is ready along with all these precious children! They arrived and are seated ready for worship, and service has not even begun! WOW! They are early and ready to give Him praise & glory!!! We could learn so much from these sweet faces!


Additionally, On Sunday, Pastor Eddy shared his vision of his church and community – – – he told us how God is leading to meet the needs of the many hungry people,  housing concerns, need for clean water, lack of parenting education, plus many more concerns.  It was a joy to pray for Pastor Eddy, the church, and the community!

During the remainder of this week, the team will be working hard, delivering clean water, providing for a women’s bible study, playing with the children, loving on the orphanage as well as bringing children and adults alike the story of Christ and Salvation!




They have arrived!


Our Dominican Team has arrived in Santo Domingo! They will be heading to dinner then onto the bus for the trek to Barahona!  They should be tired; been at the airport since 4am. But no way! Look at those smiles!!! They are ready to experience one of the most life changing weeks of their lives! Will it be tiring? Yes. Will it be emotional? Yes. Will it be hot? Yes. Will they be missing many of the comforts of home? Yes. Will they forever be changed? ABSOLUTELY!!!  Our prayers and love go out to this incredible team!

Prayers for our Dominican Team

Today, June 3rd, our Real Life/OneCommunity Dominican Team departed for the Barahona province of Dominican Republic. They will be spending 6 days loving on and being loved by the people, congregation and community of the Christ, Light of Nations Church.  They will be bringing clean water to homes along the story of Jesus & Salvation to many. This year the team, of mostly women, will also be bringing a bible study to the church’s women. Something the village church has been praying for.

Additionally, the team is bringing sports equipment, children’s games, and items for the women in the village, all thanks to the love and support of our Real Life community. THANK YOU!

Please check back here regularly, to see updates from the team! Below you will see the prayer calendar. We ask you to pray for our team as they minister to our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic!



To the Dominican…with LOVE!

Our Dominican Team needs your help as they prepare to depart for the Barahona Province! We are collecting items for the team to bring with them for the children, women, and orphanage in the village they will be working and staying in. Please check out to see how YOU can help!

Team Update | Changing Our Lives Through Changing Theirs

Audrey landscape


Meet my friend, Audrey. I first met Audrey in 2013, when she was just 3 years old when she followed me around the village, everywhere I went, during my first visit to Vea. Now she is in 2nd grade and needs your help. Did you know that by helping children like Audrey, you also help yourself? You help yourself by experiencing the joy and love of giving selflessly to others before giving to oneself. You help yourself by experiencing what it is like to be a difference maker; a changemaker. You are forever changed by the letters you received back, expressing gratitude for the simple things, such as a pencil, a notebook, bubbles. More importantly for the life changing things like, clean water food to eat.

Audrey and many other children in Vea go home from with a full stomach, because of the kindness and generosity of strangers, who they have never met, like yourself, who sacrifice that one dinner out a month, or one stop at Starbucks each week, just so they can be part of making a difference in the lives of the children of Vea. Will you join me? Will you consider making such a sacrifice? A sacrifice of $40 each month, ensures children of Vea have food in their belly, immunization shots, school books and supplies as well as school uniforms. We cannot do it alone. It takes a village. It takes You… To sponsor, go to

Half-way down the page, you will see child sponsorship section. Complete the form and you will be assigned a child that is waiting for a sponsor. You will receive information on your child within the next week. #Bethechange #onecommunity#differencemaker #rllf














Team Update | We Praise You That We Have Another Day

Sun. Land that is dry. Food and grain that is quickly depleting with the poor harvest year. Stomachs that are running on empty. Yet what do they do on Sunday? They speak of Heaven as a place where there will be no pain, full bellies and joy with their Father. They sing and they dance. Oh how they dance. It is dancing with a joy that cannot be described with words but felt deep in the very core of your being. In your soul. They dance and give Him Praise because they have lived another day.

We come into worship begrudgingly. We stand in church lobbies waiting for just one more song to finish before walking into worship centers. Why? So as Francis Chan puts it in His James study, we are like that 500 lb person, who wants to just sit and be fed. We cannot even bother to give Him praise with our voices and through worshiping him in song. Yet, we want to be fed. WE WANT OTHERS TO FEED US. Yet, who are WE feeding?

When we cannot even pay honor and show our joy through song, how can we show joy and love to those outside the church?

There are many ways to demonstrate our love and our thanks for another day, but one is to give another, another day. Our One Community Child Sponsorship program does just that. Through our Child Sponsorship, we are giving a child a full tummy for just one more day. We are giving a family a few less mouths to feed, so they themselves can eat and be around to care for their babies, their children. Through sponsorship, you give a child a chance to make it to the next Sunday, to dance, to sing, and to demonstrate their praise for another day.

This season, food is scarce. Nearly as scarce as I’ve ever witnessed. I for one, cannot see a child go hungry and starve, yet come to church on Sunday smiling and singing about how Great is their God. God IS great, and he has shown us the example of how we should live.

Later today, I will send out links on how to sponsor a child. I will also download the pictures and videos. I just couldn’t wait for wifi to get this sent.

As many of you are waking and getting ready to go to church, ask yourself, how will YOU show your praise for another day? How will you be part of the change and part of the hope for others who praise so easily…with empty bellies and full hearts…

To Sponsor a child, please go to:


Team Update | Love Hurts

TEAM UPDATE // March 02, 2017

Full day today. From waking in Accra at 5:15 am, to a 9:30 am flight, a 2.5-hour drive to Bolga, unpacking and then traveling to the village of Vea and enjoying the village for several hours. We concluded the day with a debrief at a local restaurant.

One concern echoed over and over by those who have not previously been to Ghana and Vea was, “How do I ever get others to understand this feeling?” How can you get someone who has not been to Vea, Ghana to understand the feeling of dirt between your toes, sweat dripping down your back, as tears well in your eyes, because of the sheer joy and happiness you feel, thanks to tiny hands grabbing yours, looking up at you with those amazing love-filled brown eyes, and taking complete hold of your heart. You don’t. Not in words anyways. This is probably the hardest piece of going on a mission trip in general, but especially one to Vea, Ghana. How do you describe the smells of trash burning in a field, dust blowing in the air or a child with wet pants sitting in your lap, as you lap up every second of it? How do you explain the sights of thatched-roof huts, children pumping water, boys running around laughing playing football, or a sponsored child running up to you from across the market yelling your name? You simply do your best, to tell them the stories, show the pictures, show the videos, all the while, forgetting about holding back the tears, and just being raw, honest and genuine. Will it hurt? Yes it will hurt. But as a famous rabbit, an old wise tree and a head filled with emotions have all taught us, Love Hurts. You show the scars of this when you are loved and have loved. You must have pain to have joy. Joy and happiness come from allowing yourself to be loved, which means opening yourself up to be hurt. It’s the lessons we learn and the life we lead as result of that love and hurt, that builds us, allows us to grow, and makes us into the people God created us to be.

I cannot wait to bring back the stories, the sights, the videos, the beads, the baskets, the pictures of children in need of a sponsor and letters for sponsors from their children. I cannot wait to encourage others to hurt a little and love a lot.

Hearts of full right now.





Team Update | Beads in Accra


Today was a long, fun and incredible day, filled with so many blessings! Today we spent the day with Ursula in Accra. She took us to one of the larger market areas. In typical Accra fashion, lots of traffic and fun vendors and just general taking in the sights, sounds and activity of this busy city. Ursula took us to some of her favorite bead shops where we shopped together with her, to buy beads for the women’s co-op to make some fabulous jewelry for us to sell back home.

While walking from the market, across a busy road, we ran into Eric, a local church leader who had been living up north, but now resides in Accra. What are the chances?!? Such a God thing!

After these shops and saying good-bye to Eric, we ventured to TK Beads!

TK is where Ursula apprenticed and herself learned how to make these precious Ghanaian beads. Out of trash and rubbish comes pure beauty. It only takes love, skill, trust and dedication. So incredible! Cannot wait for you to experience the neeest line of jewelry!

We concluded the night with Chinese food and incredible conversation, laughter and company!

Truly a blessed day!


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Team Update | Landed In Ghana



It’s been a long 33 hours of traveling. Our team has arrived in Accra, Ghana! We thank you all for your prayers as this was one of the first trips in a while, where no bags were lost! After checking into our guest house here in Accra at 10:30pm, having a lovely meal together and some quick sorting of luggage, we are all ready for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we will have a very full day in Accra! Exploring the bead markets, visiting a local orphanage and concluding with a trip to the craft market! Sure to be a fun-filled and busy day.

Keep your prayers coming! We can surely feel them!




We are His Hands & Feet: Serving the Homeless Community in Austin

Serve The Homeless copy

OneCommunity & Real Life Austin supports T.W. Ministries the first Saturday of each month with a volunteer team to assist with the Church service, meal and/or clothing distribution.  The services are usually at the North Door, 502 Brushy St. Austin, TX, 78702; located one block East of I-35 on the corner of Brushy Street and East 5th on the East side of the historic 501 Studios building.  Parking is available on the street or in the lot across the street.

Volunteer opportunities are:

  • Set up (11:30am) and tear down (3:00pm)
  • Visit with guests
  • Serve tea and water throughout service
  • Prayer; for T.W. during service, for guests to be receptive to T.W.’s message, during alter-call and with guests after message
  • Serve food after worship
  • Clean up restrooms and meeting area after service

 OneCommunity & Real Life Austin Saturdays in 2017 are March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, September 2, October 7, November 4, and December 2.

In addition to Saturday services, T.W. Ministries maintains a Clothing Closet, Food Pantry and supports a Safe House for women.  T.W. Ministries has 6 special service events each year. We will update here as the dates for these events are known.  In the past years, these events have included:

  • March: Easter Celebration
  • June: Jesus’ Dirty Feet
  • August: Back to School Drive for Section 8 families
  • November: Thanksgiving Service
  • December: Christmas Service

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Richards in person, by phone or email:  Mike Richards; 512-632-8378;