…acts of Love & Good Works


24 Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another…  Hebrews 10: 24-25

Unity & Life Change!

Life Change. There are no other words to express what is happening through this team. Many question the value and significance of short-term mission trips. Wouldn’t the country and people be better off if we simply took the funds from our trips and supported them financially? Keep reading and you will see, this is not about what money can buy, but rather what God can provide.

Our team in the Dominican Republic is learning so much about unity. Not only the unity they are experiencing as a team, but the unity Real Life has with Cristo, Luz de las Naciones Church in Barahona province. The photo above is a great example of that unity. Our women joined with the women of the local church, for a bible study. The time included prayer, worship, fellowship, devotion and a whole lot of love and laughter! While Day 1 of the study, the women made bracelets with words that were special to them…on Day 2, they decorated aprons with those words for them to visually demonstrate their faith publicly as well as in their homes.  While this was a first for many of these women to be sharing publicly about their faith, our team leader Tonya has this to say, 

“We took a leap of faith in this ministry. The women here simply ask for us to pray for their families, the health of their families, etc.  This is the first ‘life group’ like this here.  They typically study the Bible in church and with their families.  We are sharing with them what life groups have done for us.  People we can rely on, pray with, cry with, celebrate with and learn about Jesus with.  They will be continuing the book study after we leave.”

Women’s ministry ended on Wednesday with a boutique! Our team painted their nails, played games, continued the bible study and then, blessed the women by having them “shop” through the 150lbs of clothing that our Real Life family donated! The women were so grateful and appreciative. Bringing tears of joy and thanks.

Children’s ministry continued through Wednesday. The team played games associated with the Bible verses, gave all of the boys baseball caps and the girls pink bracelets.

While hearts are full, they also ache…

“We continue to love on these people and their children. It is a little tough to eat here without feeling emotional, for the kids watching you from the outside through the glassless window.”

Today the team will be spending the morning at the orphanage, and concluding the day with baptisms in the afternoon. So far, we know at least 10 people from the church expressed their desire for baptism!


Please, continue to pray for our team and for those they are ministering to. Together, they are changing the world… One Community at at time!


It’s all about Water & Building Walls!


“…but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”  John 4:14

Water = Life!

Yes, that’s right. Water does equal life. Our Real Life team has brought clean drinking water into 6 homes already. Teaching the homeowner how to use and clean the filter, so they can have clean pure water. The families were very happy and excited to be receiving a filter – – – no more need to buy drinking water (can use the money to provide food for the family), and no more intestinal concerns due to parasites in the drinking water. Additionally, the family was introduced to the church pastor and invited to worship services. The families selected for the filters have also agreed to share their pure water with their neighbors. The local pastor and leaders from the church will check on these filters throughout the year. This allows them to also check on the family and continue to bring them the Good News of Jesus Christ, so they can not only have pure water, but also learn about the Living Water…

The team also assisting in building a wall at the church. Carrying cinder blocks, shoveling sand and pebbles, mixing cement and carrying it all down a slope to the construction site. True labor of love for our team and the village!”but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”  John 4:14

Additionally, on Monday, the team lead the first Women’s Ministry Study! To quote, Tonya, the team lead: “It was awesome!!! I cannot even explain how these women prayed for each other and the community and their families. It was so good to see them in community with each other. Each of them made bracelets with words important to them: FE, AMORE, VALOR, etc..”

The kids’ ministry played four square, jump rope, bubbles. They made salvation bracelets and used the EvangeCubes to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Following this, they held a bible study with the kids of the village.

Please, continue to pray for our team and for those they are ministering to. Together, they are changing the world… One Community at at time!



It’s all about COMMUNITY!



Following church, our team went out into the community. They conducted a prayer walk, praying for the people in the village, inviting them to church as well as presenting the gospel to them through the Evangacube. The Evangacube is an amazing way to evangelize to others through pictures!


Sunday afternoon, the team was trained on water filter installation, and that night, the team held a rooftop worship.  Truly seeing lives changed!



Sunday Worship!


Our Dominican Team is ready for church!  It is Sunday, June 4th and our team is ready along with all these precious children! They arrived and are seated ready for worship, and service has not even begun! WOW! They are early and ready to give Him praise & glory!!! We could learn so much from these sweet faces!


Additionally, On Sunday, Pastor Eddy shared his vision of his church and community – – – he told us how God is leading to meet the needs of the many hungry people,  housing concerns, need for clean water, lack of parenting education, plus many more concerns.  It was a joy to pray for Pastor Eddy, the church, and the community!

During the remainder of this week, the team will be working hard, delivering clean water, providing for a women’s bible study, playing with the children, loving on the orphanage as well as bringing children and adults alike the story of Christ and Salvation!




They have arrived!


Our Dominican Team has arrived in Santo Domingo! They will be heading to dinner then onto the bus for the trek to Barahona!  They should be tired; been at the airport since 4am. But no way! Look at those smiles!!! They are ready to experience one of the most life changing weeks of their lives! Will it be tiring? Yes. Will it be emotional? Yes. Will it be hot? Yes. Will they be missing many of the comforts of home? Yes. Will they forever be changed? ABSOLUTELY!!!  Our prayers and love go out to this incredible team!

Prayers for our Dominican Team

Today, June 3rd, our Real Life/OneCommunity Dominican Team departed for the Barahona province of Dominican Republic. They will be spending 6 days loving on and being loved by the people, congregation and community of the Christ, Light of Nations Church.  They will be bringing clean water to homes along the story of Jesus & Salvation to many. This year the team, of mostly women, will also be bringing a bible study to the church’s women. Something the village church has been praying for.

Additionally, the team is bringing sports equipment, children’s games, and items for the women in the village, all thanks to the love and support of our Real Life community. THANK YOU!

Please check back here regularly, to see updates from the team! Below you will see the prayer calendar. We ask you to pray for our team as they minister to our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic!



To the Dominican…with LOVE!

Our Dominican Team needs your help as they prepare to depart for the Barahona Province! We are collecting items for the team to bring with them for the children, women, and orphanage in the village they will be working and staying in. Please check out http://weareonecommunity.com/missions/dominican-republic/ to see how YOU can help!

Dominican Team 2016

This Spring Break, OneCommunity had a team of 18, including 11 teens under the age of 17, spend the week serving in a remote village outside of Barahona, Dominican Republic.

Water. Something we take for granted. Yet all too many go without clean water. In this rural village outside of Barahona, DR, the average family spends over 60% of their salary on pure water. By providing clean water options, they agree to not only provide water for their own family but also to provide for their neighbors. There are also local leaders in the church who have been trained how to service and care for the filters. This allows them also to check in on families and minister to their needs. Water is Life.

The power of bubbles.  Did you know language barriers, fear, and insecurities can be removed through bubbles? Yes bubbles! Our team made new friends quickly, played, laughed and giggled their way into the hearts of the local children by blowing bubbles, jumping rope, braiding hair and just holding hands. The children of the village found their self-esteem and self-worth lifted, as they were in awe of visitors that came all the way from America to play and spend time with them. Our team, in turn, sat and told them about Jesus Christ and explained salvation that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

Prayer Walks.  Our team, together with the local pastor and leaders from the church, conducted a prayer walk through the village. Stopping along the way to talk with adults and children alike of God’s love for them. While our team will leave, the locals were introduced to the local pastor and church which is there for them, in their community, every day.

Thank you to this team of teens, young adults and parents who use their spring break to serve others and Change Lives!