Dominican Team 2016

This Spring Break, OneCommunity had a team of 18, including 11 teens under the age of 17, spend the week serving in a remote village outside of Barahona, Dominican Republic.

Water. Something we take for granted. Yet all too many go without clean water. In this rural village outside of Barahona, DR, the average family spends over 60% of their salary on pure water. By providing clean water options, they agree to not only provide water for their own family but also to provide for their neighbors. There are also local leaders in the church who have been trained how to service and care for the filters. This allows them also to check in on families and minister to their needs. Water is Life.

The power of bubbles.  Did you know language barriers, fear, and insecurities can be removed through bubbles? Yes bubbles! Our team made new friends quickly, played, laughed and giggled their way into the hearts of the local children by blowing bubbles, jumping rope, braiding hair and just holding hands. The children of the village found their self-esteem and self-worth lifted, as they were in awe of visitors that came all the way from America to play and spend time with them. Our team, in turn, sat and told them about Jesus Christ and explained salvation that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

Prayer Walks.  Our team, together with the local pastor and leaders from the church, conducted a prayer walk through the village. Stopping along the way to talk with adults and children alike of God’s love for them. While our team will leave, the locals were introduced to the local pastor and church which is there for them, in their community, every day.

Thank you to this team of teens, young adults and parents who use their spring break to serve others and Change Lives!

Let there be Light…

Let there be… light.

On our most recent trip to Vea, we were given 3 Luci Lights to test.  I could not believe that an inflatable, color light, that weighs a few ounces, could possible light a room.  Could enable a child to do homework at home, in a room with no electricity, no light.  Could allow a grandmother to read her bible.  Could allow a mother more hours to weave her precious, income providing baskets.  These lights did just that.

Want to know how you can help?  Check out our Give page.  You can purchase a Luci light for a household for just $15.  This will enable us to purchase the lights and transport them directly to the home in Vea.  You can bring light into a child’s dark world

A servant’s heart reaches across Africa

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take.  ~  Proverbs 3:5-6


Over eighteen days, two teams, consisting of doctors, nurses, therapists, students, pharmacy support, quilters, bubble blowers, and all-around hand-holders, left the comfort of their homes, their families and their community to give of themselves in Africa.  Our teams were in Ghana, Kenya & Uganda.  Our teams experienced eating new foods; for some, using a passport for the first time; sleeping in unfamiliar environments; driving on less than smooth, well-maintained roads; waking at dawn and returning at night, just in time for a late dinner before falling asleep in their beds.  Our teams found themselves immersed in their new surroundings.  They held hands, wiped away tears, received hugs, danced, laughed, cried, and provided preventative as well as restorative care to over 3500 men, women, children and babies over the course of their combined 10 medical clinic days.  Beyond medical care and treatment, our teams also discipled and spread the word of Christ.  For some this was done quietly, through a gently held hand.  For some it was a discussion over learning to quilt.  For others, it was as they worshiped in the local community; hands raised and hearts opened.

Trust in the Lord.  It may not always be easy to do.  For 22 individuals, who listened to God’s call. Who got on a plane and traveled the globe.  They demonstrated to those they witnessed to as well as to themselves, that we all must and we all can, “Trust in the Lord, with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.  Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”  Trust is not easy.  Trust requires you to cast aside your fears and your worry and have faith.  Trust requires vulnerability and during a mission trip, trust also requires an open and forgiving heart.  One Community says “Thank You” to those who demonstrated their Trust in the Lord over those 18 days.  “Thank You” to those who supported from home, and sent their loved ones to serve God in Africa.  And, a very big “Thank You” to those who allowed us into their lives and touched our hearts, for we have all learned, that while you can return home, and clean the African soil from your clothes, Africa will always remain in our hearts.  So grateful for the trust that lead 22 individuals on a journey to Africa and to witnessing Life Change across the globe.  To help change the world, One Community at a time.



Kenya/Uganda team arrives in Makuyu, Kenya
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Baskets for Change

One Community impacting the lives of women and families in Upper East Ghana

One Community impacting the lives of women and families in Upper East Ghana


One Community and its non-profit, Community for Change, are working together with the women of Upper East Ghana, and the surrounding village of Vea, to bring you these amazing, hand-woven, baskets.  Directly from Vea to you!  In support of the women who make these baskets, Community for Change has purchased baskets, using fair trade practices, and now offers them to you, here in the States.  100% of all proceeds from the sales of these baskets is sent directly back to the Vea Community, through humanitarian support.  For 2015, Community for Change & One Community are sponsoring a Medical Mission team.  Bringing doctors, nurses, occupational therapy and dentists to the region.  Buy a basket and truly provide life-saving medical care and treatment.

To view out baskets, check out our Facebook page:

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