Team Update | We Praise You That We Have Another Day

Sun. Land that is dry. Food and grain that is quickly depleting with the poor harvest year. Stomachs that are running on empty. Yet what do they do on Sunday? They speak of Heaven as a place where there will be no pain, full bellies and joy with their Father. They sing and they dance. Oh how they dance. It is dancing with a joy that cannot be described with words but felt deep in the very core of your being. In your soul. They dance and give Him Praise because they have lived another day.

We come into worship begrudgingly. We stand in church lobbies waiting for just one more song to finish before walking into worship centers. Why? So as Francis Chan puts it in His James study, we are like that 500 lb person, who wants to just sit and be fed. We cannot even bother to give Him praise with our voices and through worshiping him in song. Yet, we want to be fed. WE WANT OTHERS TO FEED US. Yet, who are WE feeding?

When we cannot even pay honor and show our joy through song, how can we show joy and love to those outside the church?

There are many ways to demonstrate our love and our thanks for another day, but one is to give another, another day. Our One Community Child Sponsorship program does just that. Through our Child Sponsorship, we are giving a child a full tummy for just one more day. We are giving a family a few less mouths to feed, so they themselves can eat and be around to care for their babies, their children. Through sponsorship, you give a child a chance to make it to the next Sunday, to dance, to sing, and to demonstrate their praise for another day.

This season, food is scarce. Nearly as scarce as I’ve ever witnessed. I for one, cannot see a child go hungry and starve, yet come to church on Sunday smiling and singing about how Great is their God. God IS great, and he has shown us the example of how we should live.

Later today, I will send out links on how to sponsor a child. I will also download the pictures and videos. I just couldn’t wait for wifi to get this sent.

As many of you are waking and getting ready to go to church, ask yourself, how will YOU show your praise for another day? How will you be part of the change and part of the hope for others who praise so easily…with empty bellies and full hearts…

To Sponsor a child, please go to: