Team Update | Beads in Accra


Today was a long, fun and incredible day, filled with so many blessings! Today we spent the day with Ursula in Accra. She took us to one of the larger market areas. In typical Accra fashion, lots of traffic and fun vendors and just general taking in the sights, sounds and activity of this busy city. Ursula took us to some of her favorite bead shops where we shopped together with her, to buy beads for the women’s co-op to make some fabulous jewelry for us to sell back home.

While walking from the market, across a busy road, we ran into Eric, a local church leader who had been living up north, but now resides in Accra. What are the chances?!? Such a God thing!

After these shops and saying good-bye to Eric, we ventured to TK Beads!

TK is where Ursula apprenticed and herself learned how to make these precious Ghanaian beads. Out of trash and rubbish comes pure beauty. It only takes love, skill, trust and dedication. So incredible! Cannot wait for you to experience the neeest line of jewelry!

We concluded the night with Chinese food and incredible conversation, laughter and company!

Truly a blessed day!


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