Team Update | Love Hurts

TEAM UPDATE // March 02, 2017

Full day today. From waking in Accra at 5:15 am, to a 9:30 am flight, a 2.5-hour drive to Bolga, unpacking and then traveling to the village of Vea and enjoying the village for several hours. We concluded the day with a debrief at a local restaurant.

One concern echoed over and over by those who have not previously been to Ghana and Vea was, “How do I ever get others to understand this feeling?” How can you get someone who has not been to Vea, Ghana to understand the feeling of dirt between your toes, sweat dripping down your back, as tears well in your eyes, because of the sheer joy and happiness you feel, thanks to tiny hands grabbing yours, looking up at you with those amazing love-filled brown eyes, and taking complete hold of your heart. You don’t. Not in words anyways. This is probably the hardest piece of going on a mission trip in general, but especially one to Vea, Ghana. How do you describe the smells of trash burning in a field, dust blowing in the air or a child with wet pants sitting in your lap, as you lap up every second of it? How do you explain the sights of thatched-roof huts, children pumping water, boys running around laughing playing football, or a sponsored child running up to you from across the market yelling your name? You simply do your best, to tell them the stories, show the pictures, show the videos, all the while, forgetting about holding back the tears, and just being raw, honest and genuine. Will it hurt? Yes it will hurt. But as a famous rabbit, an old wise tree and a head filled with emotions have all taught us, Love Hurts. You show the scars of this when you are loved and have loved. You must have pain to have joy. Joy and happiness come from allowing yourself to be loved, which means opening yourself up to be hurt. It’s the lessons we learn and the life we lead as result of that love and hurt, that builds us, allows us to grow, and makes us into the people God created us to be.

I cannot wait to bring back the stories, the sights, the videos, the beads, the baskets, the pictures of children in need of a sponsor and letters for sponsors from their children. I cannot wait to encourage others to hurt a little and love a lot.

Hearts of full right now.